1 V 1 - Actual Defending

category: Interception

Two feeders stand in middle of the court, either side of the center circle.

The attacking player passes the ball out to the feeder and then ...

1 Vs 1 With Ball Transfer

category: Defence

Player 4 marks player 3 while aiming to intercept the pass between the two blue players (feeders).

If Player 4 makes their move too soon the...

All Intercepts For Wd/Gd

category: Interception

Feeder on the centre circle, 2 attackers on the third line (~5m apart) with the defender stood behind in between them.

2 feeders positioned o...

Ball Handling And Coordination

category: Ball-skills

A Worker and 2 Feeders set up in a triangle about 3m away from each other and each player has a ball.

Worker throws the ball up in the air to...

Ball Skills Mini Guantlet

category: Small-games

3 Feeders, 3 defenders, 1 attacker, 1 ball. Attacker has to work her way through the defenders passing and receiving the ball from the fe...

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Intercepting Passes

Get the opposition playing right into your hands as your defenders dictate their movements



Community Drills

Feeding the Circle 4: GA Calling

GA drives out of circle and recieves a ball from CGA then swings the ball to WAGA then calls the GS to take the top or the baseline. This call must be...

Shooter Rotation

Divide circle into 4 sections - Left and RightIn and OutUse a ball to help signify who is the leading attacker - player closest to the ball - other pl...

Defensive drill with progression

4 feeders, 2 attacker and 2 defenders.Feeders have to pass to the attackers, if there are no attackers free, the feeder is able to swing the ball to t...

Switch drill

Feeders pass accurate fast balls to receivers who pass back and move forward to ball. they receive and return a 2nd pass and switch. After returning a...