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Set up 4 feeders in Compass positions (North, South, East, West), with 2 defenders standing behind the W feeder and to the side. The E feeder begins the drills by passing to either the N or S feeder. Whichever N or S feeder has the ball then passes to the W feeder and the Defenders can go for the intercept. If the defenders go too early then the N/S feeder with the ball has the option to pass opposite instead and the other N/S feeder will play the ball to the W feeder. The W feeder only ever plays the ball to the E feeder. The W feeder also has a ball at the start and after the E feeder has released their ball then the W feeder passes their ball to the E feeder so that there are 2 balls in play.

Coaching points

This practice develops decision making and passing/catching under pressure.

The defenders should work together, using good communication and directing each other. This gets them in the habit of talking, as they should in a game.

  • If the defenders miss an intercept then they should recover and get back for the next pass.
  • If one defender goes for the intercept too early then the other can pick up the intercept.
  • Make sure all intercepts are clean 2 handed intercepts.
  • The attackers can fake passes and vary the types of passing to make it more challenging for the defenders.

If this is too challenging for the defenders then you can take away the option for the N/S Feeders to pass to each other so the defenders just have to get the intercept to the W Feeder.

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