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Forcing errors and making interceptions Session Thumbnail
Forcing errors and making interceptions

Develop your player's defensive ability, allowing them to practice their 3 stages of defence in order to force errors and successfully obtain interceptions.

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Have two players passing a ball back and forth about 5m apart. Set up 5 cones behind one of the players, in a semicircle behind them, about 2m away from them.

These cones will dictate the starting positions (with varying difficulty) of the defender.

The defender needs to stand by the first cone, before running in to intercept a pass to the player near them. They then pass the ball back to the opposite player, run to the next cone and back to intercept the next pass.

The purpose is to get 5 successful intercepts (one from each of the cones) in a row.

Coaching points

Quick feet running onto the ball and recovering are important.

Players should not take big strides, keep them short and sharp.

The pass behind the player will be hardest as they need to run around the player to intercept.

Make sure players are using 2 hands to catch the ball and not just slapping it away.

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