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Developing timing to force an error to gain possession of the ball Session Thumbnail
Developing timing to force an error to gain possession of the ball

Develop individual defensive skills to improve the overall team defence to pressurise the pass and force an error, encouraging a covering defender to anticipate and make the interception.

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Feeder on the centre circle, 2 attackers on the third line (~5m apart) with the defender stood behind in between them.

2 feeders positioned on the transverse line at each side.

Feeder can pass to either attacker and the defender will go for the intercept. Whoever gets the ball then passes to the feeder and the attacker that the ball was thrown to runs back towards the edge of the circle with the defender.

The feeder has the option of passing directly to the attacker or passing to the feeder on the same side as the attacker, who can then pass to the attacker.

Defender will go for the intercept of whichever pass is made to the attacker.

Coaching points

By allowing the option of the pass to the side then the defender has to move back with the attacker as though the straight pass will be made but then be ready to flip out to the side to block the pass if the ball goes to the feeder at the side.

  • Sight attacker
  • Don't jump and reach hand behind for an intercept. Defenders should run back and then jump up to meet ball in front of them with both hands

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