Developing timing to force an error to gain possession of the ball

This session focuses on developing players defending skills; to deny and limit space of the attacker to force errors through applying pressure on the ball and timing of drive to intercept the ball.

What’s in the session?

The warm up initially works on dynamic defending with a game of tag ball, to anticipate the attackers movement and passing.

The skill development part of the session initially develop players footwork to be light on their feet and be able to move in all directions to make the intercept. It then incorporates more defenders to get them working together as a group with some covering whilst others apply pressure to the pass to encourage a mistake and force an interception.

The final conditioned game is a possession based game with the emphasis on the attacking team keeping the ball which tests the defending team’s movement and team work to pressure the ball whilst covering defenders anticipate the interception to win the ball back.

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