Netball Drill Demonstration


5 players, 1/3 space, 2 balls

3 players set up in a triangle, these are the feeders.

2 players set up back to back in centre of the triangle. The top feeder is 'free'.

1. Feeders deliver 5 'anywheres' to players. Players then turn and either deliver the ball to the free feeder or directly to the other passing feeder. 

2. They then begin 5 anywheres with the opposing feeder. This time they do not pass the ball themselves, they either drive straight to the opposing feeder or if they are still busy pass the ball off to the free feeder.


Coaching points

The idea is for the working players to make a decision as to where to pass or drive as soon as they have finished working and cannot see what the other player is doing. 

'Anywheres' should be in close proximity. 

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