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Have two feeders passing a ball back and forth about 5m apart. 

Position two cones on either side of one feeder, making a gate. The defender has to run between one gate after an intercept, before making the next intercept, alternating sides.

The feeder at the opposite end has the option of holding onto the ball if the defender moves too early. If this happens then the other feeder who was set to receive the ball will move in between the cones that the defender has just come from, to receive the ball out to the side.

This will help the defender recognise if they are moving too early or too late and make them recover to move back for the intercept.

Coaching points

Timing is important; if the defender moves in too early then the player at the other end can hold onto the ball and allow the other player an opportunity to move. But if they move too late then they will not get the intercept.

The defender should come in at an angle so that they can see what the Feeder is doing and recover quickly if they move.

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