Netball Drill Demonstration



  • 10+ players
  • 2 stationary feeders, one on baseline and one around centre circle. 
  • 2 groups of 4+ players line up on either sideline. 
  • 2 players run from both sidelines, high five the opposite player in the middle of the court and then run out forming a "V" shape with their partner facing a feeder.
  • Feeders pass to one of the pair facing them.
  • Player that does not receive the ball cuts back and drives towards the other feeder, receive a pass from their partner.
  • Ball is then passed on to the opposite feeder. 


Coaching points

  • Players need to be aware of the movements of others. Both pairs need to time it so that they are not waiting at any point. Also need to ensure they do not clash in the middle. 
  • Players on the drive need to turn in the air. 


After passing to the opposite feeder, pairs run around that feeder. Feeder then throws an "anywhere" ball for the players to contest over. Whoever receives the ball, they then pass to their original feeder. 

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