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  • Players set up like five points on a die- these are the feeders. 
  • Workers start in the middle facing out to one of the feeders who has the ball. 
  • Worker recieves a pass in the middle and passes back. They then drive on an angle towards the the far point on the same side as the ball ensuring they can see the ball and body angle is indicating where they would like the ball. Feeder sends a long pass to the point the worker is heading to.
  • Worker then passes a long pass to the far diagonal feeder. They then front cut the middle point to receive another pass on the drive and pass back to the feeder. 
  • Once again they turn body angle to see the ball as well as indicate where they are heading and drive to the last far point on the die and receive a long pass from the feeder. 
  • Repeting again, the long diagonal pass and front cut for the pass in the middle. 
  • Roatate players after player makes a few successful run-throughs. 



Coaching points

  • Important that players are aware of their body angles. When moving back for the long pass, players to never turn their backs on the ball but to have one shoulder angling towards where they are driving and are looking to receive the ball. 
  • Long ball passes must be accurate- if players are struggling to hit targets then make the square smaller. 
  • Workers to use short sharp footwork to cut around the middle point. Ensure the worker is driving around the post. Post players should be ready to catch the ball if the worker misses it. 

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