Intercepting Passes

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Instead of chasing the attackers around court, the defence should be stepping up to control options and direct the attacker's movements. To do this communication is essential - defenders need to talk to each other to cover all passing options - as well as practising face and side on defending.

What's in the session?

Targeting defence straight from an interceptions warm up, players work on communication and clean interceptions. They then get an opportunity in a 1 vs 1 situation with 4 Feeders to use decision making to attempt to dictate an attacker's passing options in a practice, with a progression. These skills get put together to be used in a game situation for each defensive player to allow them to work together in shutting down options.

Defenders need to be putting the attacker's into positions without many passing options; wide and away from the circle. This will mean the attackers have to make more passes, allowing greater opportunities for an interception.

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