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How do you get the shooters to pass

How do you get the shooters to pass
I have a 9 year old team and the shooter will not pass the ball and thinks that scoring the goals is important instead of playing as a team and getting closer to circle.

Take her out of that position and explain what you are trying to achieve. i.e. getting the ball closer to the goal. Perhaps by putting another player in the GS/GA position and showing her the move, then if she understands the objective. Put her back into that position and give her another go.

Hi debbie. Always a difficult task. especially after Nettas. Perhaps during training you could mark another goal circle closer to the goal. Then tell the goalers they are not allowed to shoot unles they are inside that circle. This will give them practice passing out and to one another. Your In Netball Mark Jones

Hi Debbie, We have a drill that we use to make sure the shooters feed the ball out. Make a rule that they are not allowed to put a shot up until they have passed the ball out of the circle three (or any other number) times. Also useful practise for the defensive players.

hi debbie i think that you shoukd try an explain to her that not everything is about shooting and that is about becoming better players. If you really want to take her out of that position

Ditto to Phillippa!  Impose a three pass rule before you shoot and this can include between the shooters.  I drill into my girls that 'if someone is in a better position, you pass!' (doesn't matter what age).  

A drill which promotes quick passing, use of the circle and movement within it...two teams one on the inside of the goal circle, the other as 'feeders' spaced around the outside. Feeders have a ball each.  Those on the inside race against the clock to receive/give back as many passes as possible (can't move to the person next to the one you just passed to...change direction).  The winner is the person who did the most passes.  Variation: Give a two pass warning, then allow a shot...promotes working closer the ring.  The winner is the person who scores the most passes with a two point bonus for each shot scored...eventually it becomes second nature to pass until you're in a good shooting position.

Perhaps one more answer is to take your young team to an older teams practice, ie A Grade or arrange to take your team to see a State League game or Thunderbirds instead of a practice!

During training sessions, get the shooters and C and WA players to practice 10 passes or more in and out of the circle before the shooters can shoot for goal. The shooters need to know that the C and WA are the players that bring the ball down attacking court and are there to back them up if they cannot not shoot

I think your best answer came from Lisa. Well done!!

for a nine year old that wont pass, fair enough their nine and having fun, but if it gets out of hand and upsets the team, dont put her in shooter, get her to play somewhere else so she understands what its like when a shooter wont pass to her, then explain it to her.

for older people, there are 3 problems you need to consider. trust, experience and communication


i get my kids to constructively yell at each other during half court games so they can recognise each others voice. as a shooter is not always going to be facing the outside of the circle so they might not know where any of the other players are, if they communicate with each other, there is more likely to be a pass.


they might not understand the benefits of passing, they might not know how to pass the ball, or they are just experimenting with the range of shots. the drill with the three passes is good, until they get bored of it and never use it in a game situation

change the style of the pass and how often they need to do it. try;...

lobs, chest passes, shoulder passes, bounce passes, low underarm passes,

then add in defenders and introduce two balls, with three passers on the outside and they arent allowed to pass back to the same player.

ensure that the shooters are shooting, the defenders are defending and the centre court are centre court. this ensures a bond between the shooters and the centre court so they trust the centre court enough to pass it to them.

if you get 1 shooter to pair with 1 centre court for the duration of trainings the bond and trust becomes stronger.

Tell the shooters that once the ball is in the circle, they have to pass in and around the outside of the circle 3 times before a shot can be done. if a player does not do this, then they are not allowed to shoot. They will have to learn to pass or take them out and bring another player in to the position if that player does not listen and not willing to play as a team.its not a individual sport.

it doesnt matter how young they are, they have to learn that this is part of playing netball and working with a team sport.

A drill I have found useful is you place five cones inside the cicle and two shooters inside.The rest on the outside.The shooters must go to a cone receive a pass and then pass out and the next shooter heads to a cone and then passes out.Shooters may not go to the same cone and they must not get two consequecutive passes.Once they have done that after the fifth cone has been reached whoever the shooter is must turn and shoot.An extension to that to also help the feeders pass to space is the shooters go to a cone and the passers may not release till the players moves off the cone towards the goal post

Just to be a bit different, I actually really like a shooter to shoot the ball and not pass - as long as they are being succesful with their shots. So I would set the shooter - regardless of age, an appropriate goal percantage to achieve. If the shooter is falling short of the percentage goal I would then have a discussion with them about what they need to do to improve their percentage - which could be getting in a better positon, or by practicing their shots from a variety of distances. You could also set up a drill for the shooter so they can see that their percentage is likely to be better the closer they are to the post.

Ron answered your question perfectly. for a 9 year old its allways wise to take her to play different positions. I think its wise to change her position (change her into a midcourt role), that way you will be creating a midcourt player but if you still wish her to be a shooter then she will go there with a perfect pass accuracy.

make her have to do a certain amount of passes before she can shoot.

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