Drill Categories

Movement Drills

When your team has the ball movement in netball involves getting free from the opposition and creating space to receive the pass - progressing the bal...


Goal Shooter

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Goal Shooter Roles & responsibilities Where can they go? They are allowed to move in the attacking third and the goal circle and not any wher...

Goal Defence

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Goal Defence Roles & responsibilities Where can they go? The goal defence can move any where in the circle defensive and middle third. positi...

Goal Attack

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Goal Attack Roles & responsibilities Where can they go? They are allowed to move in the centre and attacking third including the circle. posi...

Goal Keeper

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Goal Keeper Roles & responsibilities Where can they go? They are only allowed to move in the defensive third and circle position.

Attacking Third Game - Offence V Defence

category: Small-games

Play 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 in one third of the court, using one goal.

Two shooters at any one time can go into the circle, play up to the third li...

Banana Peel

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays


Set up:
Half court with a goal post, 1 ball, 4-8 players ( centre feeder, 2x midcourt, 2x shooter,...

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Community Drills

Back-line Pass 2

This option can be taken when the WD is the best option for the pass GK to be decisive early.WD to use the circle to create room to receive the f...

Autosave 3505358

AIM: Good pick up of difficult pass/rolling ballRULES: 2 teams of equal players stand one in each goal third.The ball is passed between teams with poi...

Autosave 4312791

GS/GA begin at goal postSprinting to cones and then back to postComplete circuit on all cones then make your shot under fatigueFast footwork, small qu...

Autosave 42385192

Play 1 - Phoenix Centre PassCentre passes to WDCentre runs down middle to gaol cirlceShooter runs out to WD lineWD passes to shooterShooter passes bac...