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How do you increase goal shooting accuracy?

How can a coach teach accuracy in goal shooting? Our team has 40 odd shots for goal in a game but the most we have scored is 14!

You have not mentioned the age group or experience level of your team which would determine what strategies to use for improvement.  Two things that would apply to any age/level would be development of correct technique and then practice makes perfect.  Almost all good goalies have the same technique which is (1) balancing over both feet under hips with knees and hips bent, (2) hold ball high above head with one hand supporting side of the ball resting on fingers in dominant shooting hand, (3) middle finger and elbow facing goal ring (4) bend elbow, rise on toes and flick wrist with follow through to roll ball off fingers in a high arc to drop into goal ring.  When I was learning to shoot I found it helped to visualise a drop point about 6 inches above the goal ring but it is an individual thing for each player to find their sweet spot. There are a few videos floating around which you could use to show technique or perhaps you could find someone willing and able to demonstrate.  Once this is mastered and reliable accuracy achieved from this basic two feet stance it can then be developed further into step back, forward, side, around and jump shots. 

I agree with Janet, technique first then practice, practice, practice.

I have found with U13's and U17's that I have coached that it helps to give them stats. They don't often think there is a problem until you tell them that they only scored 5/10 etc.  Also if you point out that they missed 20 goals in the game but only lost by 5 for example this can also bring home the importance of accuracy.

Another thing I have done is to do a shooting game of some sort at the end of each practice with some sort of incentive at the end. I used to write the winners name on one of the mini cones that I used for drills. Very simple but they all wanted their name on one.

Thank you ladies.  The girls are 8/10yr olds, and we have been practicing technique and keeping stats, so thanks for your input.  I will keep plugging away with practice, practice, practice.  Thanks for your replies.

they are still very young and at the beginning age of learning to shoot.  dont worry too much about their success rate, but good technique is the aim at this age, and strength and accuracy will come with practise.  a couple of things to add to what janet said, is that make sure toes are pointing towards the goal, and that the shot is completed with the ball being pushed all the way through to the finger tips (ever seen how the basketballers have that swoosh hand after a free throw...netballers have that too).  practise practise practise is the only way to get this right.

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