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Any ideas on how the shooters can feed themselves closer to the goal?

Hi can u give me some ideas on how the shooters would feed themselves closer towards the goal. What i mean is by passing the ball in and out 2 one person and moving closer 2 the goal at the same time . Something simple for girls aged 10.

Hi .... 

Well as a coach  i use the drill where the players (C and WA) stand around the goal circle and the shooters (GA and GS) in the circle move to the ball  and throw the ball around the ball around  the circle and turn to shoot the goal. 

As the coach

: tell the players it has to be numerous passes from each player then the shooters can shoot the goal.

: all the players(C and WA) can tell the shooters to move back  to receive the  pass  and can turn around to shoot goals

well i hope it's helpful!!!!


Thanx for that

teach them to land in a split stance (legs apart wider than hips...and in most cases, a lot wider).  the key to this is to land with equal weight on each foot so as not to end up stepping. 

start by teaching them to catch the ball while both feet are in the air and land with both feet under their hips evenly.  once they can do that, then get them to slowly widen their stance to something they are comfortable.  most good shooters should be able to gain almost a meter by using a standard split stance.  obviously once they have caught the ball, they step into the foot that is closer to the goal, as both feet are grounded.

once they have perfected it, then you can use the moving around the circle throwing out to the WA/C and get it returned and catch in split, and then progress to turn, pass out, split and catch returned pass, step in and turn to shoot, then repeat passing out until happy to shoot at the distance.  passes need to be strong and fast as the defence will try and intercept.  i always like to wait til they defence has reset in front before turning passing back out to reduce the likelihood of them intercepting the pass.  but this last bit is for a bit later on as requires a number of processes.  but it will be good if you get to keep this team for a few years, or you get an older team that can learn skills at a faster pace.

if you need me to explain more, let me know.  but the split landing is one of the building blocks of shooters, and i find that it isnt taught til much later.

Developing skills for getting in close to goals need to be built on over time with the key elements being good footwork skills, quick changes of direction and what I call "focus on the post".  By that I mean all drives/leads habitually practised towards the post and then out again ready for the pass with players practising individually then with partner, then with feeders.  If young players can master this concept early on, it is easier to build on with splits, lunges, holds, screens as they move up the ranks.  There are quite a few drills on Sportplan that could be used for footwork practice but games involving footwork techniques and fun challenges for this age group are best(not so repetitive).  Even a simple game of marking a 1m radius around the post with goalie, defender & feeder and counting how many passes it takes to get to work the ball to the edge of the line can help.  

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