How to get into the circle when shooters are zoned out?

How to get into the circle when shooters are zoned out?

how to get into the goal circle when shooters are being zoned out

Donna Leeann MorleyCoach, Australia
Nicole Coach, New Zealand

Depending on the age of your girls, i would say they really need to learn how to drive or hold. Holding behind a player with space behind them can work as an overhead pass into the space, then easy up to shoot. Other than that all i can say is work the triangles around the circle, meaning passing between the centre and WA until either a shooter gets free, or with anyluck the opposing team may be called for offside due to desperate attempts at defending the ball. Also keep your WD and GD close to the back line, so they can help with feeding for as long as it takes for the shooters to get free.

Hope this helps :-)

Allie CollyerCoach, Australia

Nicole has some good suggestions. Something that I was taught years ago and I also use when I am being zoned out is to turn around so that I am facing the ball and call for the pass. My defender then has to move 3 feet away and it then gives me the opportunity to do a quick (well in my 48 year old body LOL) dodge into the circle for the next pass.

Janet Coach, Australia

Hi Donna. If your reference to being 'zoned out' means your goalies being blocked from entering the goal circle two things that are really useful to practice are some good footwork techniques and learning to draw defender away from where you want to lead.  Some footwork techniques that can be practiced are (1) inside cuts i.e. close on defender - pivot on outside foot - step through with inside foot thereby protecting your space and cutting defender out (2) rolls & half rolls at speed and (3) close on defender - turn to face down court - use body to screen defender from drive side and drive in. All footwork needs to quick, on toes and small steps. When a defender is setting up an effective block at the circle edge, drawing them over to the side of the circle gives more opportunity to cut through the middle.  Eyes need to be up and looking ahead for opportunities rather than focused on the defender and the circle line.  All the above are also used for all attacking players.

Donna Leeann MorleyCoach, Australia

Generally it's the wing defence(or sometimes centre) and the goal defence zoning the goal attack out of the circle.

Janet Coach, Australia

If your GA is your main shooter, you could try playing her in goal third only with WA, GD,WD being responsible for C pass and delivery into goal third with shooter coming out to receive pass ready for GA drive into circle - just one example of many things you could try.It only takes a couple of changes to routines to give a GA more confidence and keep the defenders guessing. I haven't seen many games where a GA is continually blocked from entering circle and if it happens a couple of times routines and player roles are adjusted early on in the game.

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