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Developing Passing and Movement To Gain Maximum Attempts On Goal Session Thumbnail
Developing Passing and Movement To Gain Maximum Attempts On Goal

This session looks at developing your players basic passing and movement skills to ensure your players are performing the basics effectively under pressure especially during a competitive match.

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Developing decisive, dominant players! Session Thumbnail
Developing decisive, dominant players!

Get your team bossing the play on court with this attacking session, helping your players to become dominant and decisive!

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Defensive Pressure Session Thumbnail
Defensive Pressure

Develop your player's understanding of the importance of defensive pressure, while allowing them to practice their 1st and 2nd stage defence.

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Developing basic fundamental skills Session Thumbnail
Developing basic fundamental skills

Help your players master the basic ball control skills to move onto executing more complex and advanced skills as players develop their knowledge and playing abilities.

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When the teacher calls out a series of players' numbers they should run onto the court.

The players' whose numbers have just been called then play using normal netball rules until a goal is scored.

Coaching points

Start the ball in the center of the court - this way it's fair for both team and the fastest players will get possession of the ball to start with.

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