Creating decisive, reactive, quick players!

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A players reactions are arguably one of the most important skills on the court. To be able to make a lead for a pass, adjust to oppositions plays quickly and to grasp at a free ball can all be the difference within a tight game. Work on your players reactions, speed and decisiveness with this session.

What?s in the Session?

Begin the session with a physical warm up thats gets players thinking and reacting to their number being called before adjusting to catch the pass. The skill development part of the session begins with a conditioning practice when players react to a cue before running to improve their reaction initially and then their explosive power to move about the court quickly. The session then progresses to an opposed practice which keeps the same fundamentals, working on explosive power however now with a pass at the end to make and react to. The final modified game have two balls active, forcing players to keep an eye on each, reacting to which ever is either passed to them or they are trying to intercept.

Fitness isn't just about endurance, being able to quickly adjust and react to change direction is going to put your players in a much better position to either make a pass, interceptions of receive.

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