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2 v 1 Drills

When the overload is on and your team has a 2v1 they should put their chance away. To make sure your players breakthroughs finish with a goal these tw...

2 v 2 Drills

These 2v2 drills and videos will challenge your players' defensive and attacking skills, by getting them to compete against each other in pairs. To im...


Hot Seat- Shooting Game

category: Games

Basketball Hot Seat- Shooting Game Games Set up as shown in diagram. If the player makes the shot, then they will go to the back of the line and the ...

Pass, Receive And Shoot

category: Shooting

Basketball Pass, receive and Shoot Shooting Players pass the ball to the coach or a feeder just inside the key and run immediately after passing towa...

Shooting - First To 21

category: Shooting

Basketball Shooting - First to 21 Shooting Players line up outside the key in two lines, with one ball per line. The first player to run must shoot a...

3 Player Pass, Cut And Shoot

category: Shooting

Basketball 3 Player Pass, Cut and Shoot Shooting Setup the practice as shown. Player 1 starts with the ball with player 2 making a flash (sprint) cut...

Carolina Shooting With Pressure

category: Shooting

Basketball Carolina Shooting with Pressure Shooting Player 1 shoots, collects own rebound and passes to Player 2 Player 1 cuts out to a different sho...

Number Shooting Game

category: Games

Basketball Number Shooting Game Games Split all your players into two teams and have them line up on opposite sides of the court. 2 basketballs are p...

Team Shooting Drill

category: Shooting

Basketball Team Shooting Drill Shooting To make this a team exercise have players compete as a group in a first to 21 points game. 3 points are award...

Pass And Lay Up Drill

category: Shooting

Basketball Pass and Lay up Drill Shooting Player 1 passes to Player 2, who he then loops. Player 2 bounce passes to Player 1, who drives towards the ...

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Team Development Session

Produce a winning mentality amongst your group of players with an unbreakable team ethos. The improvements in your play may just surprise you!

Developing Your Team's Attacking Game

"Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts." - Get your players comfortable with failing and make them courageous in of...


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