Individual Basketball Workout for Centers

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This basketball plan has a simple mission - to develop your players' knowledge, understanding and game skills to play the center position.

The center, also commonly referred to as "bigman", "five", or the "pivot" has 3 main offensive skill areas that a player needs to work on to maximise their impact on the game in this position, which includes:

  1. Ball handling,
  2. Finishing around the basket and
  3. Perimeter shooting

Ball handling and perimeter shooting have also been included in this plan to help your center develop other offensive aspects of their game, making sure you don't limit a player to one specific position.

Is this plan just for Centers?

The skills and drills shown in this workout are important for every player regardless of position. When coaching it is important that you don't pigeonhole players, especially young players, into one position just because they may be your tallest players at that time. Give players the opportunity to try other positions - they might surprise you!

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