Basketball Steal

category: Warm-ups

Netball Basketball Steal Warm ups Section off half of one of the thirds for 5 players, each with a ball. Each player bounces the ball whilst walking ...

Hot Seat- Shooting Game

category: Games

Basketball Hot Seat- Shooting Game Games Set up as shown in diagram. If the player makes the shot, then they will go to the back of the line and the ...

Flick Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Flick Pass Passing Technique This pass is used when you are being closely guarded. The passer will step to the side of the defender, keepi...

Chest Pass - Common Mistake

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Chest Pass - Common mistake Passing Technique Make sure hands are behind the ball and that your elbows are not all the way out. chest pass...


Practice Makes Perfect Passing

Teach your players the principles of chest and bounce passing with this beginners session - Lay the foundations so your players can continue to develo...


Community Drills

Target Practice

Scoring Beanbag 5pts Tennis ball 10 points Netball 20 points Bounce a ball off the wall 100 points

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A game of netball, no dribbling with the ball only passing and shooting

Passing show down

Equal teams. Playing withing the semi circle or half court game of netball.The two teams have to try and score but they are not aloud to dribble with ...