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Passing Drills

There is a variety of different passing types, with the most commonly used being the chest and bounce. Use the passing drills and videos below to deve...

Passing Technique

Footwork, body position and ball handling skills are all important factors when it comes to passing accurately. These passing technique drills and vid...


Javelin Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Javelin Pass Passing Technique Single-handed pass. Start with the arm cocked back behind the shoulder. The arm goes straight over the shou...

Lead Pass

category: Passing

Basketball Lead Pass Passing One player stands on each cone with a fifth player standing between two of the players, with the ball in hand. The playe...

Under Shoulder Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Under Shoulder Pass Passing Technique Step forwards with the left foot, leaning forwards. Make the pass under the left shoulder. Power and...

Pass And Run

category: Passing

Basketball pass and run Passing Players set up as shown in the diagram. The player who makes the first pass, will run around the outside of the circl...

1 Handed Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball 1 Handed Pass Passing Technique Make a pass off to your left whilst moving forwards. Arm should follow the path of the ball to ensure corr...

Chest Pass To Wall

category: Passing

Basketball Chest pass to wall Passing Players work with a ball each and pass the ball against the wall so that the wall bounce passes the ball back t...

One-Two Pass - Take Your Man On

category: 1-v-1

Basketball One-Two Pass - Take your man on 1 v 1 Players Blue 1 and Red 1 have a ball each and they are starting from the right hand corners either e...

1-5 Post Passing

category: Passing

Basketball 1-5 Post Passing Passing The player underneath the basket begins with a ball and tosses if off the backboard, simulating a rebound. They t...

3 Player Pass, Cut And Shoot

category: Shooting

Basketball 3 Player Pass, Cut and Shoot Shooting Setup the practice as shown. Player 1 starts with the ball with player 2 making a flash (sprint) cut...

Pass, Receive And Shoot

category: Shooting

Basketball Pass, receive and Shoot Shooting Players pass the ball to the coach or a feeder just inside the key and run immediately after passing towa...

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