Shooting on the Move - Game Intensity Session

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To improve your players' shooting percentage and give them more success when attacking the basket, as well as working on their overall fitness, this week's session works on shooting on the run.

We're not asking your players to rush their shots, but what we're aiming for is to get your players working hard and used to attacking the basket at game-speed, running and shooting in training just like they would in a high-intensity match!

To ensure your young shooters hit the target and don't give the defender a chance they need to be moving at speed and most importantly make sure that their shots are accurate! To do this we open this session with a speedy one-two pass and shoot drill, getting players to burst onto the ball and then stop and shoot from where they catch the pass!

Once your players are confident shooting unopposed things get tougher as we introduce a defender into the mix. Do you think your players have what it takes to be a speedy shooter?

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