Team Defence - A Comprehensive Coach Handout

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Teach your team to become a defensive unit and how to defend correctly with the right technique to handle any offense.

This handout is fully packed with concepts and technical notes that will get your team set up in the right positions, reading the game and opponents' movement to anticipate play and make it difficult for opponents to score points.

Use this to teach your players (weak-side) how to position themselves on the court to mark their offensive player without the ball whilst making it difficult for the ball carrier to pass the ball to their marked player. This is one of many situations in this handout that you'll be able to teach your players how to deal with correctly.

Your players will also learn how to read players' body movements, knowing where to place their hands and move their feet and what to look for to avoid being tricked and improve their decision making when on defence.

Offence sells tickets, defence wins games!

- Bear Bryant

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