category: Rebound

Basketball Rebound Rebound Need to anticipate where the ball is going to go and the speed of the ball. Stand about 2 meters from the basket. Toss the...

Rebounding - Roll Off A Block Out

category: Rebound

Basketball Rebounding - roll off a block out Rebound Rolling off a blockout is used to gain a good position for offensive rebounding. The player gets...

Attacking Rebound Drill

category: Rebound

Basketball Attacking rebound drill Rebound Players toss the ball up on the backboard for themselves to then catch on the rebound. After catching the ...

4 On 4 Rotate Box-Out Drill

category: Rebound

Basketball 4 on 4 Rotate Box-Out Drill Rebound Four players on each team. The offence will set up around the outside of the 3 point line. The defence...


Power Forward - Player Development

Develop a fundamentally sound power forward! Use this session to work on all the skills required for a Power Forward, a critical position for any succ...

Shooting on the rebound

No rebounds, no rings! Get your players to be first to the ball with the offensive rebound and see what a difference it makes to their attacking game!


Community Drills

Two Line Shooting Drill

Involves two lines of players standing to each side of the basket. One line takes a jump shot from one of the cones and after the shot the other colle...