Lay-ups and Rebounding: Footwork and Timing Session

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All players love shooting so this session isn't going to be a difficult hard sell for you. After the lively warm up your players will have plenty of opportunities to work on their shooting accuracy, footwork and timing.

To get your players timing their jumps to perfection in this session we work on correct footwork to get your players shooting the lay-up from both sides of the basket.

What's in the session?

The lay-up is something that will take your players some time to learn the footwork and coordination required for a successful shot - it's for that reason that we go step-by-step in this session, giving your players simple instructions so that they can progress at their own pace.

After we've worked on the lay-up there's no let up, we go straight into part two of this shooting skills session by focusing on the offensive rebound - getting your players to practice timing their jumps to regain possession after a missed shot and score the follow-up!

Last but not least we then get your players to play two games before going home, giving them the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills into a game situation!

For more confident shooters try this session with your players today!

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