Box Out - Offensive and Defensive Rebounds Session

Turn a miss into something great. Get your team ready to pounce on any rebounds that are up for grabs. Having a ruthless attack will leave you being the team to beat every time!

What's in the Session?

In order to prepare your players for the challenge of gaining the ball after a missed shot this week's session has 10 Offensive and Defensive Rebound drills - starting with individual exercises and slowly building up to more intense challenging team box out drills. The session focuses on getting the players thinking about their positioning to anticipate the rebound before the original shot has even been taken.

Did You Know?

Dennis Rodman is known as one of the NBA's greatest rebounders, despite being only 6 feet 6 inches tall. Proving that you don't have to be the tallest guy to be able to rebound.

By setting up a challenging environment, where players compete against one another, you will quickly see real improvement in your players' rebounding confidence and technique!

PS. One of the original drills in this session requires balloons, to get your players jumping high to tip the ball into the basket - so be sure to bring some along!

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