Chest Pass To Wall

category: Passing

Basketball Chest pass to wall Passing Players work with a ball each and pass the ball against the wall so that the wall bounce passes the ball back t...

Chest Pass Variation

category: Passing

Basketball Chest Pass Variation Passing Two players standing opposite each other. Both pass the ball to each other using chest passes.

Simultaneous Bounce / Chest Pass

category: Passing

Basketball Simultaneous Bounce / Chest Pass Passing Players line up parallel with the sidelines. Depending on the level of your players you can start...

Chest Pass - Common Mistake

category: Passing-Technique

Basketball Chest Pass - Common mistake Passing Technique Make sure hands are behind the ball and that your elbows are not all the way out. chest pass...


Practice Makes Perfect Passing

Teach your players the principles of chest and bounce passing with this beginners session - Lay the foundations so your players can continue to develo...


Community Drills

Naughty Cones 2 y/o KB

Set out 10-20 tall cones around the room (depending on size of class) have kids dribble up to cones and bounce the ball 2-4 times before knocking down...

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Player runs up the court, passing (bounce pass/chest pass) to each player (3) and takes it up for a layup-After layup, player goes to first passing po...

Half Court Attack Lay-Ups

Scholars will dribble from half court and lay the ball up. The scholar under the rim will rebound the ball and give it back to the scholar that shot t...