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2 v 1 Drills

When the overload is on and your team has a 2v1 they should put their chance away. To make sure your players breakthroughs finish with a goal these tw...

Screening Drills

A screen, also known as a pick, involves an attacking player blocking a defender by standing beside or behind him/her so a teammate can shoot, receive...


Setting A Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Setting a Screen Screening Player 1 with the ball. Player 2 sets the screen at either side of the defender. When the screen is set player ...

Cuts Off The Screen Drill

category: 2-v-2

Basketball Cuts off the screen drill 2 v 2 Top side or over the top cut 1 has the ball. 2 will screen for 3 who uses the screen as shown. 1 may pass ...

Teaching The Screen

category: Passing

Basketball Teaching the screen Passing Off the ball screen, practiced in a closed situation. In threes players set up in a triangle. player at the to...

Shoot Off The Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Shoot off the screen Screening Setup as shown. Split the group into three groups. Player 1 passes to player 2 before going to set a latera...

Staggered Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Staggered Screen Screening A staggered screen is 2 individual screens that will be set to get 1 player open. The player will run around bo...

Screen And Slip

category: Screening

Basketball Screen and Slip Screening The screen goes to be set on the dribbler, the screeners defender will hedge out early to stop the ball. This is...

Flare Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Flare Screen Screening The flare screen is set on the side of a defensive player. The player receiving the screen will cut out towards the...

Off The Screen Shooting Drill

category: Screening

Basketball Off the screen shooting drill Screening Setup the practice as shown. Player 3 runs into the arc and runs off the screen created by player ...

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Using Screens On and Off the Ball

Create space in congested areas with clever movement by the players off the ball. Teach your team how to set the screen to make space for the ball car...


Community Drills

Copy of Game

Standard 5 on 5.Work on different set plays like motionc and set good effective screens.

Autosave 71894405

4 screen to 35 screen to 22 and 3 must run fast to the basket to receive from 11 have 4 options first two are passing to 3 or 2second option we h...

Autosave 75919421

1 pass the ball to 3 and receive it back5 screen the defender at the same time2 goes to the corner