Shooting and Rebounding

This Session looks at the Shooting Fundamentals. By the end of this training your players will be scoring with a flick of the wrist and a swish of the net.

People who say "Teams that don't shoot, don't win games" are only half right - A more accurate statement is "Teams that don't score, don't win games!"

To give your team the best chance at scoring when faced with the basket it's best to teach them the basics and to teach them right. By working on their body position and shooting technique you will be able to lay a solid foundation for your players and give them an excellent starting base from which they can continue to grow as a player.

To teach correct technique we use BEEF:

Balance - Good balance, weight on the balls of your feet, just over shoulder width apart

Elbow - Want the elbow tucked into your side. Want to keep everything in a straight line

Eyes - Looking up and straight at the front of the rim

Follow through - The ball should come off of the index finger and the follow through should be pointing at the basket

Find out if your players have got BEEF?

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Core Skills 1 - Basketball Beginners

This pack of 5 Basketball Beginner sessions which cover all the basic core skills your players will need for basketball success. Designed to give you the confidence you need to bring fresh coaching ideas to the court and inspire your younger players! - for squads of all sizes - from 5 to 25 players!

Topics Include: Dribbling and Ball handling skills / Passing / Shooting / Footwork / One vs one situations.

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Core Skills 1 - in this pack:

Dribbling and Ball handling Skills

Can your players do the Spider Dribble? Teach them how in this dribbling FUNdamentals session!

Footwork - The jump and stride stop

Stop your troublesome travellers in their tracks by working on the jump stop and the stride stop!

One vs One - Take your man on!

In this Session we look at how you can turn your players into a defender's worse nightmare by improving your players' confidence in one vs one situations

Practice makes Perfect Passing

Lay down proper passing principles with your players - If you don't lay the foundations correctly you'll never be able to develop and build

Shooting and Rebounding

Get your players scoring with a flick of the wrist and a swish of the net with this week's correct technique session

Click here to get instant access to this pack for the introductory price of £7.50.

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