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Get into a defensive stance off and towards the ball.

Pretend a shot is about to be taken.

Go find the man quickly and make contact with a block out.

Do not turn your back on your opponent until the last possible moment.

Stay side on to your offensive player making contact with your nearside hand and forearm.

Once you have initiated the contact then you will use a forward or reverse pivot to block out depending on which way he chooses to go around you.  

The block out is not about holding the man off the board indefinitely it is about you being in between the man you are guarding and the basket when the ball comes off.

Do the block out simulation drill to the blockout on each side of the basket 10 times alternating forward pivot and reverse pivot.

As with any play towards the basket, chin the ball after the rebound.

Even thought you do this drill without the ball simulate the chinning.

Practice different scenarios to the rebound like denying the ball at the wing and helping out and recovering to block your man when the shot is taken.

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