Squad Selection Session - Choose Your Best Team

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Who's going to make the final cut? It's never easy running a selection session which is why we thought we'd help by bringing you this plan packed with competitive head to head drills.

Completing the puzzle

Picking a complete winning team isn't just about going for the best scorers or most confident players. For example, a team full of 12 defensive specialists are not going to be great on offence. Instead it's about finding the pieces of the puzzle that fit together, so make sure you choose a mixture of scorers, defenders, rebounders, role players, athletes, big guys and passers.

What's in the session?

To help you analyse your players, this session has 10 drills that cover a wide variety of skills in competitive situations. Allowing you to observe players in many match-scenarios and select who you feel will form your best team.

Squad selection tips

  • Remember to take into consideration the attitude, work ethic and coachability of your players. 1 or 2 negative players who don't work hard can quickly ruin a team!
  • Remember to look at the whole picture with your players. For example a player might be having a bad offensive day. You'll need to put that out of your mind and see what positives they bring in defence or other aspects of their game.

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