Teaching Out of Bounds Plays to Young Players

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I hope you've got your whiteboard ready! This basketball plan covers the basics of out of bounds plays, including example Box and Line set ups you can try tonight.

Every team should be taught about out of bounds plays. This is because they improve a players' ability to make passing and movement decisions under pressure.

What's in the plan?

Throughout this plan we get you thinking about different ways to teach out of bounds plays to your teams - using clear and simple instructions.

*Cover basic aspects of out of bounds plays
*Show players how to play in each position for the plays
*Work on out of bounds plays under pressure.
*Enhance understanding and develop basketball IQ

The example plays in this plan are easy to understand, and include different options, which means whether you are new to the game or are experienced, you should be able to grasp the concepts pretty quickly and tailor them to your team's needs.

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