Scoring on the fast break - Aggressive Running, Attacking Passing

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Indecisiveness is just as effective at nullifying your own attack than the oppositions defence. Get your players so well practiced at attacking with purpose and direction that every attack is decisive and successful.

What's in the Session?

A fast, decisive attack is built around quality passes. Warm-up with sharp passes to get your players in the flow before upping the intensity by working on getting the ball up and down the court at pace. As the session goes on, develop your players peripheral vision to get their minds working effectively, deciding on where to pass and knowing where the next ball is coming from. This practice will get your players thinking way ahead of the game. Put that into a match situation and they will be bossing it up and down the court!

Put all the skills into practice to finish with with match-specific situations and conditioned games and discover just how effective your team?s attacks really can be!

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