How to beat a 1-3-1 full court trapping defense....

How to beat a 1-3-1 full court trapping defense....

How to beat a 1-3-1 full court trapping defense....

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Matthew GuymonCoach, England

Many different ways coaches like to attack a 1-3-1. The formations and the placement of positions often change but for the most part the theory of the break is the same. You want to get the ball to a side to make the press shift, then to look middle, then to hit an offside runner to advance the ball over half court. Things to think about against the press%3A 1) Cannot be afraid of the pressure. The best way to beat a press is to attack it. 2) Want your players to be coming to the ball to receive the pass. If you stop or run away from receiving the ball the pressing team will be pushing forward and will usually result in a turnover. 3) Against a 1-3-1 the most attractive pass is the lob pass to the other end of the court. This is also the most dangerous pass. As most coaches will put their fastest player at the back of that press. 4) A team cannot be effective in a 1-3-1 press if they don't score(when they score, you have to take it out of bounds so they get to set up there defense). So the better defense your team plays, the more turnovers and missed shots you can force the less you will have to deal with the press. Below is a very simple press break, that shows all the principles talked about in the text above.

This drill has no description.

This drill has no description.

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this is a good answer Matthew. It is very important to attack the zone and that is the bottom line. Attack the zone until the other team has no choice but to get out of the zone. One thing that is very important against a 1-3-1 though is to have a two guard front so that you can swing that ball and get that zone moving and opened up. In this way you can attack the openings in the zone and stay away from the trap city.

Basketball CoachCoach

You must try to beat the zone by passing. If the dribble occurs the ball handler must advance quickly down the floor to avoid the defense from catching up from behind and swiping the ball away. Forwards should only dribble if attacking the basket or to get into a position to pass.

David ChaseCoach, United States of America

Attack the 1-3-1 with a 2-1-2.  Pass the ball from side to side until you get the zone to move.  Then as in all zones get the ball to the back of the zone or the middle of it.  This becomes harder to trap and easier to find success.  In girls basketball it is harder to make the long diagnol pass so moving the ball quicker from one side to the other and then into the middle is ussually a better play.  Good Luck

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