Shooting Form - Practice and Competition Session

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Often players have a tendency to revert to bad habits when going to shoot at a basket, as the focus is more on scoring than on proper technique. It's for this reason that in this session we recap the correct shooting technique and then find out if your players are able to remember the correct form when it's competition time.

Shooting, just like any art form, needs to be perfected. When you shoot there are two possible outcomes: make or miss! The greatest shooters shoot thousands of shots a day over many, many years as this is the only way to truly be great at shooting. Young players need to know from a young age what it takes to be a great shooter!

What's in the session?

We start things off with a recap of shooting form before getting your players to work in pairs, shooting the ball to one another. The advantage of working in pairs is that players get a lot of ball time as well as being able to give one another feedback. This feedback is great as it gets your kids to communicate, recognize mistakes and also how to correct them.

Once players have the technique down it's time to practice shooting under pressure - to do this we've got some fast-paced and fun conditioned shooting games, before finishing with a 5v5 half court game.

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