category: Handling

Rugby Grids Handling 1) Run out (2 steps) turn and pop ball to a support player. 2) Run out (2 steps) turn and let support player take it out of your...

1V1 Tackle Grid

category: Tackling

Rugby 1v1 Tackle Grid Tackling Small playing area, for 1 v 1 tackling. Players line up in two lines adjacent to the coned area. Coach shouts go and t...

3 Man Tackle Grid.

category: Tackling

Rugby 3 Man Tackle Grid. Tackling Groups of 12+ Bibs Balls Cones Get all players ot get into teams of 3. Select one of the group of 3s to put bibs on...

3 V 1 Grid

category: Passing

Rugby 3 v 1 Grid Passing 6x6m Grid Ball Players line up in 3s opposite sides of the grid. Simply pass the ball along the line. 1 defender is in the m...

Passing Grid

category: Passing

Rugby Passing Grid Passing Set up a grid of about 10 x 10 Aim to have 12 attackers and 2 defenders 3 attackers spread out on each side of the square.

Tackling In Grid (Game).

category: Tackling

Rugby Tackling in grid (game). Tackling Working in a grid. Start both players half way in between the cones of one side of the grid. When commanded, ...

Grid Island

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Rugby Grid Island Practices for Juniors Fun game to practice passes/kicks not being intercepted. Divide players into two equal teams and set up two g...

Passing Grid Progressions

category: Passing

Rugby Passing Grid Progressions Passing Start out with a grid of 10 x 10 Passing progressions are based upon the ability of players to fix defenders ...

Passing Grid-Under Pressure

category: Handling

Rugby Passing Grid-Under pressure Handling Groups of 12+ Balls Cones 4 defenders lineup in a passing grid, that has laid out 2 red cones and 2 blue ...

1 Vs 1 Get To Feet

category: Contact-Skills

Pass gets given to the attacker who has to run down the grid. When the tackle comes in the player with the ball has to present the ball.


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Community Drills

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5-6 Runners pass ball down the line.Last runner places ball on first cone.The last two run around grid and become defenders.First three enter grid fro...

Run around tag rugby

2 teams align next to coach.Coach passes ball to one team, all players must "run-around" their marker to enter the playing grid.3 v 3 tag ru...

Draw Pass

Set up 20m x 20m gridwith 3 joeys placed in a diagonal line across the grid.have 4 players line up on the bottom line. line the first 3 in front of th...