Rugby Drill Demonstration


1. Tracking 

Create a V shaoped conned area. 

Defender at one end, attacker at the other end. 

Attacker attempts to score using footwork, defender has to track them and try stop them by gettign a shoulder on contact to there hips. (50% intensity)

2. 1v1 Track and Tackle

In a grid an attacker is positioned on one end and a defender at the other end. 

Defender passes to the attacker who attempts to score against the defender within the grid. 

3. 1v1 Tackle Channel 

Players line up in two lines adjacent to the coned area.
Coach shouts go and the front two players run round their end to end up facing each other.
The coach passes the ball to the attacker who runs at the defender, and the defender tries to take them down.

4. 2v2 Track and Tackle 

10m wide channel, 2 attackers start with the ball while 2 defenders atart at the other end.

when instructed the attackers attempt to score agaisnt them.

Do continuous reps. 

Coaching points

1. Tracking 

Low centre of gravity 

light on feet - small steps.

Boxer hands - in tight to body 

Foot in close

Head up.

Apprach attacker from angle and try shepard them out the grid. 

2. 1v1 Track and Tackle

Same as above +

Head position - Cheek to cheek. (low hit)

Impact of hit.

Leg Drive - focus on positive hit. 

Rign of Steel - string grip around attacker.

Land ontop of the tackle 

Bounce back onto feet. 

3. 1v1 Tackle Channel  

Work on all the things above in a more challenging grid. 

Do not plant feet - or become flat footed stay on toes. 

Watch attackers waist to not fall for footwork or dummies. 

4. 2v2 Track and Tackle 

Work on all the above +

Focus on heads up watching man and ball.

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