Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set out a square grid, at one end of the grid, separate four cones evenly - red, blue, blue, red.
  • One defender stands on each of these cones.
  • Three attackers stand at the other end of the grid.
  • The coach initiates the game by passing to the end player in the grid, and shouting a colour (blue or red).
  • The two defenders on those cones run out to defend, leaving the other colour on the line. A 3 v 2 situation plays out.
  • The attackers must try to get past the defenders to reach the other side of the grid.

Coaching points

  • The aim here is to have the two defenders against the three attackers coming at different angles.
  • It will switch between two central defenders; and two wide defenders.
  • The attackers always have one extra player, meaning they need to focus on drawing in a defender and passing to a teammate.
  • That will take a defender out of the game and leave space behind.
  • When the central defenders are in, attackers should aim to get round the outside.
  • When the outer defenders are in, attackers should aim to go through the space in the middle.

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Drill tags: handling, passing

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