Rugby Drill Demonstration


For this drill to work properly you'll need at 5 players in a team, standing in a row, with 2 teams facing off with each other.

The ball will start on one end and be passed to the other end and then back again.

The team to get the ball all the way down there and back first will be the victors.

Coaching points

Make sure the players are equal distances apart, best to use cones to fix them to a position.

Make sure they have their hands out and that they are twisting the torso,

  • Fixing the feet either facing in or out, is a nice way to force them to twist their torsos even more.


Start with all the players doing a normal pendulum front on pass and then move on to these 3 progressions:

  1. Move to 1st and last man passing a front on pendulum pass and the players inbetween the side on.
  2. Move on to normal passing with quick hands
  3. End off with challenging fun movements such as through the legs, over the head , over the shoulder etc.

Drill tags: game, passing, pendulum, race

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