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4 players line up next to each other about 5 meters apart. A defender with a shield is standing 10 meters from the 1st man (ball carrier).

The ball carrier runs in a straight line towards the bag, and passes just before the bag touches him. The receiving player needs to keep his depth, as the player with the pad will move across to his line of running, and he will need time and space to pass the ball on to the next receiver.

The defender must not press up, only move across, in a straight line.

Coaching points

  • Attacking players must keep their eyes scanning from defender to receiver, and time the pass correctly
  • Receiver start moving off the cone once the attacker gets close to the shield
  • Hands out to receive ball, shoulders open
  • Recieve the ball and ensure that ball moves in one motion from low to high, travelling up into the next receiver's hands
  • Run straight and do not allow players to fall away from their pass, if they have trouble let them step in the direction they are passing towards at the last moment


Position yourself facing the attackers in behind the defender working to give prerssure. Look at the hands and running line, make sure the player does not fall away when passing, and check that the receiver is deep enough to have time and space to perform his pass effectively.


You can progress this drill by adding a rogue defender from the opposite side to rush any given player, this will force the attackers to make sure they use their vision to judge how deep they must be, to still have time and space, to negotiate the rushing defender!

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