Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 12+ 
  • Bibs 
  • Balls 
  • Cones 

Get all players ot get into teams of 3. 

Select one of the group of 3s to put bibs on (They will start as the defenders).

In a 10mx10m grid - have the other groups of 3 line up either side of the grid - split evenly (They will be the attackers).

The defenders will work together to stop the atttackers scoring. 

After a try is scored or the tackle is made, the attacking team will pop the ball off to the other set of 3 on the other side of the grid and they will attack straight away. 

The defending team must realign as quickly as possible to try stop them scoring. 


Start - Shouders on. 

Progression - Full contact. 

Work sets - 1 min blocks then swap defenders. 

Competition - Team with the least tries scored against them wins. 

Coaching points

  • Stay connected - defensive line.
  • Lots of communication. 
  • Re-align early. 
  • Urgency/Bounce to get back into position. 

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