Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Keep your player briefing, brief! Tell the players the following laws for this exercise.....
  1. Players must start the game behind the outer cone of their corner and only one of them can enter the grid at any one time.
  2. This game works on a relay basis, one and only one player in the grid from each group at a time - and the next player must be touched before they may enter the playing area.
  3. While balls are in the center of the grid, one relay robber from each team can enter the grid to steel a ball from the center of the grid and bring it back to their own box or bank.
  4. If all the balls in the center of the grid have been stolen, teams can now steel each others balls - but the same relay rules apply.
  5. The winning team is the team that can get 4 balls into their box. Adjust this to allow your players to experience success or to make the game harder.
  • You can add or remove balls to make the game harder or easier.
  • No cheating! Only one ball can be carried at a time, only one player from each team in the grid, and you cannot go until tagged.

Coaching points

  • This game needs to be played at pace.
  • Players encourage each other.
  • Communication highlights steeling opportunities.
  • Players pick up the ball and carry it in both hands, setting the ball down with both hands.
  • Players scan the playing area looking for steeling opportunities that are closest.
  • Players turn quickly.
  • Watch for players that have left without being tagged and make sure that players do not take more than one ball. There is a lot happening in this game, and you'll have to work hard to make sure there is no cheating.


Communication extreme! Have one leader within each team and the other two players are blind folded. Same rules apply, but the leader must lead - making decisions and communicating! The leader can only go 1 in every 3. This is great fun, but a little crazy. Its a fantastic game for developing communication skills!

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