Looking for coaching tips on introducing U9 kids to?

Looking for coaching tips on introducing U9 kids to?

Looking for coaching tips on introducing U9 kids to the tackle area

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Simon JonesCoach, England


See the Key Skills section on this website and there is a step by step introduction to the side tackle.

I hope this helps you - you have to be fairly "tell" in your approach for safety reasons but that doesnt mean it cant be fun as well.


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U13 is tackle shy - lacks confidence I think other than that a brilliant player. Also when running the ball does not get forward enough when coming into the tackle or hit hard.

Rugby CoachCoach

Hi stuart, yes u9, very simple they love to play with the ball..the bundle rugby...well firstly... play close contact..what i mean make 2 groups of five to 6 not more for practise.... keep the two teams not more than 3 metre apart.. u stand in the middle... u will see the secure children will always play in front... now concentrate on them for the first session teach them to run straight show them how to make contact and how to stay on their feet 'remember to motivate them to move forward al the time ...that extra metre,............ Now later in the session you concentrate on the back ones (the ones who does not know what to do ..most of the time they r afraid they do something wrong...secure them by telling them u were also like them when u started)... for a beginning just do that till all the players knows what to do.. i always tell the kids each and every time they practise...if u don't know what to do with the ball go forward not scew.. hope this can help u... or what u want to hear.. nice day.

sorry they must do it close.. please let me know..will see if i can make some small videos if u need some advice

Dave SwanCoach, England

Hi Stuart, See a previous post I made on this which along with the "usual" safety oriented tackle guides always seems to work a treat as it's tremendous fun! [link removed] Let me know how it goes ... Regards, Dave

Link removed (not very helpful) so here is the original posted response ...

Obviously it's all about confidence! I faced this last year as now U10s coach at Reading RFC. Best thing I can recommend is wrestling within a square grid of approx 3 metes square. Players take turns in twos and have to adopt a low "power stance" - square hips/shoulders, chin off chest, looking through eyebrows and they can only engage above the knees and below the sholderline and have to wrestle/push each other out of the grid. Worked a treat for me last season and have recommended it to our current U9s as a confidence builder. Note the "smaller" lads take on the "bigger" lads after a few gos! Obviously the core skill of tackling and safety with mouthguards etc must be in place first but I assume you have done this and it's a confidence thing. Let me know how you go. Regards, Dave

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