Rugby Drill Demonstration


10m wide channel, 2 attackers start with the ball while 2 defenders atart at the other end.

when instructed the attackers attempt to score agaisnt them.

Defenders must work together to try stop them.

Attackers can throw dummies and switches.

Do continuous reps. 

Coaching points

Low centre of gravity 

light on feet - small steps.

Boxer hands - in tight to body 

Foot in close

Head up. eyes on waist to not fall fot footwork or dummies.

Apprach attacker from angle and try shepard them out the grid. 

Head position - Cheek to cheek. (low hit)

Sink from hips not from back for low hit.

Impact of hit.

Leg Drive - focus on positive hit. 

Ring of Steel - strong grip around attacker.

Land ontop of the tackle 

Bounce back onto feet. 



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