Rugby Drill Demonstration


In groups of four, the ball carrier runs out, turns and passes the ball to the second player. The first player then becomes a defender. Player 2 goes into contact and tries to drive the defender forward but when stopped, slides down to ground and presents the ball. Player 3 then drives over player 2, clearing the defender out of the way. Player 4 picks up the ball and runs on to the end where the drill is restarted running back down the grid

Coaching points

  • Ensure all players are properly warmed up
  • Protect the ball from the defender during the drive
  • Good body position on the floor, parallel to goal line
  • Present ball with two hands
  • Cover head with hands
  • 1st Support player should step over the man on the floor, in a low strong body position
  • 2nd Support player must be quick to pick up ball
  • Player on the ground (No 2) must get up quickly and support new ball carrier
  • Rotate players through each role
  • Only Player 3 can score.
  • Keep ball on hip away from opposition
  • Drive hard with legs pumping.
  • Good low body position
  • Ball presentation with two hands.

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