Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 3.
  • Progression.

1. Wrestling 

Players link up, one arm under & one arm over each shoulder. 

Players then pick a side to wrestle to, then give a count down and fight to force opposition on the side they chose to wrestle to.

2. Tackle on Knees 

Each player takes turns to complete tackles on there knees. 

3. You can make this fun and competitive by counting how many tackles a player completes in a certain amount of time.

Coaching points

1. Wrestling

Player must fall on their sholder - make sure they DO NOT put arms out to break fall - this is dangerous.  

2. Tackle on Knees

Cheek to Cheek (Head Position) 

Ring of Steel - tight grip around the tackle. 

Arms into body. 

3. Competition

Keeps technique while increasing temp. 

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