Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up a wide pitch, with cones on the half way line plus an extra box on two opposite corners. These corner boxes are the prisons for tackled/tagged players.

The aim of the game is for players to run into the opposing team's area and grab a ball to bring back into their ball area in their half.

However, if a player is tackled/tagged while in the other team's half they must go and stand in the prison square.

Players can be released from prison by being tagged by a team-mate. Once released they must walk around the outside of the pitch back to their own half before rejoining the game.

Coaching points

This is a great game for coaching evasion, running with the ball and tackling.

To decide on the winning team you can play for a limited period of time (at the end of which the team with the most balls in their half is the winner) or until all the balls have been gathered by one team.

Additional Rules:

Players are limited to one action when in the opposition's half - they can either grab a ball or free a prisoner. They must return to their own half before being able to go on the attack again.

Players can only be tagged/tackled when they are in the opposition's half.

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