Drill Categories

Footwork Drills

The footwork drills and videos below will ensure your players don't give away free passes when catching, lunging, landing, pivoting, and passing. Foot...

Rebounding Drills

Rebounding in netball is when a player attempts a goal by shooting but the ball hits the goalpost and bounces back into play. The rebounding drills be...


Ball Catching Skills And Quick Movement

category: Ball-skills

Netball Ball catching skills and quick movement Ball skills Two players stand two meters apart. The receiver turns their back on the feeder and await...

Catching On The Move

category: Ball-skills

Netball Catching on the Move Ball skills Set up 4 cones in a square, 3m apart 3 players start on different corners (leaving the top right corner free...

Catch And Pass

category: Passing

Netball Catch and Pass Passing 4 cones are placed as shown in diagram and players work in pairs with one ball. The worker (red) runs to any cone, cha...

One Handed Pass And Catch

category: Ball-skills

Both players are catching and throwing the ball with one hand and at shoulder height.

Web Videos

Netball game: catching skills

Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pass like England Wing Attack Tamsin Greenway? Intercept like a Super League star? In this netb...


Passing, Catching and Game Awareness

This Session aims to blow away the cobwebs and reinvigorate your players, making them think more about where they are on the court and which players a...


Community Drills

Catch & Snatch

Address Catch & Snatch with athletes- Have them repeat x10 chest passes using correct catching tecnique

Aus Drill

1. Long ball travels to opposite corner to attacker making a short lead towards the ball. 2. Ball travels to attacker leading towards ring from o...


In groups of 3, one player is a feeder, one attacker and one defender. Feeder passes the ball to the attacker while the defender runs onto the ball to...


If your players are:timid catching the ball orjust have trouble catching a hard pass oryou want to incorporate some ball work with fitnessthe followin...