Ideal Footwork: Landing Correctly on the Outside Foot

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This session is designed with junior and senior players in mind; looking at your players' basic footwork and then progressing the skill by working on the mid-air turn to shut out defenders and allow the quick forward pass.

Footwork is one of the key components of netball. By getting your players to land on their outside foot you'll be providing a great grounding for future development, as well as helping them to avoid injuries further down the line.

To establish the "land 1-2, release" step, and to teach your players the value of this technique in a competitive situation, this session gets your players working in pairs and threes to give them the maximum amount of ball-time possible - before bringing it all together with a final full-court game.

Don't be caught off balance - try this footwork and positive-passing session with your team tonight!

Extra Session Notes:

This session also works on your players' core netball skills including passing, catching and agility, with the main focus on footwork and the correct landing technique. Players can develop these skills through passive and competitive situations, with progressions for you more able players and conditions to develop your less able players.

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