Attacking Principle: Introducing possession on the move

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Develop your players' basic passing and catching skills, with a series of practices with aggressive and passive pressure put on them, getting them fully prepared for a game situation! Watch your players maintain possession of the ball, giving your attackers plenty more opportunities to create chances on goal, turning your side into a solid attacking side.

What's in the session?

Get to work on your player's key basic skills, such as their passing technique, accuracy and decision making, with a series of competitive drills. Encourage your team to drive into pockets of space, ready to receive the ball from their team-mates, ensuring that there is plenty of communication in your squad.

Make sure that your team is using a variety of passes, using quick accurate balls to reach their team-mate, so they can get used to moving the ball at a fast pace to evade the opposition in a game situation. Pass and move is a key way to mould your team into a solid attacking side, so get your team attacking and moving into the space by working together!

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